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Career Advice for Millennial in School or Workplace (Top 4)

Here are great career advice for millennial who are still in school or currently working. These career advices will help you kick start a new era!

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Who is a Millennial?

Before we venture into some career advice for you today, let’s take a quick look at who millennial is.

A millennial is someone who was born between the year 1981 to 1996 and falls between the age bracket 22 years – 36 years.

As you can see from above, this is a very sensitive age bracket and you need all the great career advice you can get.

At this age, lots of things tend to affect our focus and as such, we could need a little push in form of advice and wise counsel.


Career advice for Millennial

In this era of accelerated change and development, people in the millennial age bracket tend to be tagged too comfortable.

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This is due to the fact that we are in a jet age where technology and the Internet have simplified out chores for us.

The older generation takes us as lazy but the accomplishments that could be achieved by millennial tend to be amazing.

Here are my pick of top career advice for millennial!

  • Be yourself – The greatest career advice to every millennial out there is to be you!
  • Advance with technology – In a generation where everything is gradually getting digitalized including out currency, it is advisable as a millennial to advance with technology!

Use the resources available and at your disposal to change the world in you own sphere! This is a great career advice I can dish out to you today!

  • Do what you love – Most times, we tend to be influenced by what others may think about our ideas!

My career advice is, do those things you love doing and advance them with the available resources and knowledge around!

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Imagine if what you love doing is helping people, you can decide to open a blog where you render help and monetize such advice’s rendered!

  • Take risk – Don’t shy away from taking risk. This is an age that nothing can really go wrong that you can’t easily correct!

You ate young, your brain is still sharp and you can stay up late and wake up early!

It’s an age bracket that the human body is at your call to do whatsoever you want to do!

Your muscles are developed to handle any strain that might be thrown at you! Take risk and take calculated risks!


Top Jobs for Millennial

Below, I’ve been able to select some top trending jobs for millennial even as a career advice for those looking for jobs!

  • Insurance Sales Representatives
  • Software developer
  • App developer
  • Estate Agent
  • Web Designer
  • Freelancer

Whatsoever you do, make sure that you do it well. More career advice coming your way soon.


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