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Career Advice for Graduates, Students

Career Advice for graduates or students alike from seasoned career counselors to help you avoid simple career mistakes and advices.

Setting up your life for a career run could be intrigue and engaging at the same time.

[alert-note]The truth about the best career advice is its ability to not just launch you into a world of no limitation (mindset) but sticking closer to your subconscious.[/alert-note]

Best Career Advice for Students

Below, we’ve outlined some career advice every students need to know and appraise themselves with.

  • Seek one on one counseling about career path

One of the best career advice I can give you today is to seek a one on one career counseling with someone who has gone through the path you wish to thread.

Harness the advice given to you by any available career counselor in school or seek someone who’s career path aligns with yours.

The truth with one-on-one counseling is that, it places you in front of your would-be mentors to guide and counsel you on the right career to choose even as a student.

We all know adolescent could be a thrilling period for most, however, it is advisable to calm down and follow advises from people who have gone ahead of you!

  • Follow your passion

One of the best career advice for you as a student is to follow your passion.

Why we highlighted this best career advice under the student section and not under graduate is that, as a student, its advisable to start looking for the future even while you are young than when you’re all old and unable to bend.

Follow your passion! Don’t be forced to follow another individuals dreams or passion.

Now, in order to maintain the status quo, most times it is often in the best interest of parents to sit down their kids and listen to exactly what their children wants to become.

Facts has it that, most students don’t become what they initially fantasies to become, their mindsets at school could have been easily affected by peers and the zeal to be what they feel would work.

However on the real space, they get to change their ideas in the long run.

The best career advice to you is to follow your passion!

[alert-announce]What do you love to do without been pushed? What makes you happy as a chore, what thoughts keeps smile on your face?[/alert-announce]

All these are indications to your passion!

  • Don’t allow peers pressure drift you away

Like earlier mentioned, peers are good but don’t be pressurized by their pressures and get drafted away by them.

The most important aspect of your life at this stage is “how to impact the world positively”!

Negative peer pressures could hinder you from reaching your potentials to the fullest.

You can be only what you want to be when you are focused on your dreams and vision.

Make friends but don’t be influenced by their ideas especially if it does not tally with your vision.

  • Know what you want out of life

One of the best career advice from one of the greatest motivational speakers (Les Brown) was, what do you really want out of life?

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[alert-warning]When you know what you want out of life, you will be able to ascertain how much effort you need to put into its actualization.[/alert-warning]

Its just like saving cost for a degree. When you know the degree and institution you want to enter, you will be able to shape your financial commitments into its actualization.

Same applies to your dreams and goals.

A great career advice for you this morning is to know exactly what you want out of a career and sticking to that lane no matter what from your college days.

You don’t just wake up and see a fully-blown forest, it starts with a tree! You start your journey to greatness as a student!

  • Learn from peoples failures

Now, this career advice is not given so you can rejoice over peoples failure but to give you an edge to success.

My career advice is, take a look at the failure stories of people who have treaded the path you wish to thread.

Look at what they did that made them fail, look at what they did that made them successful (if they did), look at how they bounce back, how they handle criticism and learn from these!

Every failure is an indication that success is around the corner.

The most successful people are great failures, however, they turn every sight of failure into success.

We have lots of innovations that sprang up due to failures, most were turned down and criticized.

You need to have a whole lot of these experience behind you!

Why you need to heed this particular career advice is that, when you do what others do, you achieve their results.

When you make their mistakes, you achieve their failures.

Life is to short to me making mistakes and learning from those mistakes when you can easily avoid those mistakes and reduce your risk to the minimal!

All these career advice for students about career goals will enable you to harness your student platform to plan a future that most people can but envy.

Best Career Advice for Graduates

Now that you are a graduate, what next?

You will in most extend face challenges of entering the labour market just like people before you and people before those before you (Hope you get the point?)

Below, I’ve been able to outline some realistic career advice for all graduates that will give you a perspective of what exactly to look forward to after graduation.

  • You can be Anything you want to be – This is one of the best career advice you can get from anyone.

You can be anything you want to be once you dedicate the desired time into its actualization!

If you have a plan, a vision or a dream; as long as it keeps you awake at night, as long as its positive, as long as you believe it can be done – go for it.

Now, becoming a successful business man or career man, you need to break some few eggs!

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You need to break the eggs of limitations, you will need to break the eggs of fear and follow your dreams with all you’ve got!

  • Don’t be forced into a career by parents or peers

By now, I believe you are either self dependent to a little extent or planning to.

However, even when you stay with your parents, families, peers – Don’t be forced into a career you will regret following!

That is the best career advice I can give you! Yes, our parents tend to believe they know what is good for us.

Especially when you are born to a family that already has a legacy to protect, e.g. a family with a Chamber, a clothing line, music, oil wells, etc.

They will want you to carry on the family tradition. However, most times these does not tally with your own dream.

Therefore, how do you handle this?

What if you are already in a vocation but gets the knowledge after a while that its not your dream?

Well, simple career advice. If what you do currently can pay and fuel your passion and dreams, don’t just quit yet!

Allow your present job to fund your dream JOB or career! Ideas rule the world but most times, you need funds to actualize those ideas!

Therefore, be smart about your vision, be smart about your dreams! Start with where you are, start with what you have!

  • Change the world in your little way

A great career advice for you is also to change the world in any little way you can. Don’t think about coming out and take on the world at once.

Respect the laws of nature by taking gradual but consistence steps. A step at a time, there is no point rushing (well, except on some cases)

Change the world gradually, a step at a time.

Unfold your ideology to your workers gradually and don’t flood them with information’s that could overload their minds.

You are the torch bearer. Where you go, they are bound to follow as long as you take the lead and show them the right path!

  • Avoid Joy breakers

Even the holy books says that bitterness dries up the bones. Therefore, you need to avoid joy breakers like a plague!

You need to avoid anything that will tamper with that fire burning inside you! You need to avoid individuals who see no good in your vision or dream!

We have lots of joy breakers in different forms. It could be your mortgage, your credit, your family or friends; or even your mentors!

Avoid anything that will put a dent to that vision and follow after excellence!

Focus on your vision, focus on what works for you.

  • Avoid Job Rush

Have you even been in a traffic rush hour before? It is so unethical to see how lack of patience and shifting from one lane to another could delay movement!

Avoid the temptation of rushing from one job interview to another, from one career path to another!

Settle down and think! Think about what you want to achieve in your current establishment even before you start working there!

Don’t jump from one job to another! Its even bad for your Curriculum Vitae.

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While in your current place of work, think how you can improve on yourself by seminars, personal development and working on your mind!

Career Advice Lies and myths

  • You must fail to be successful

I see this career advice most often. Its an oozy fat lie! You must not fail to be successful! It all boils down to proper risk management!

The higher the level of your success, the more risk you need to manage. The reason why we learn from other peoples failures is to avoid making the same mistake.

When you learn, you reduces the risk of making such mistakes by a whole decimal!

  • You must try your luck in every career

A little amount of luck is important BUT, don’t be deceived by career advice that you need to tread every career waters to know which one works best!

Its not a game of throne epistle, it is your life! You need to be focus and charter the course of your life to a specific career and work on your mind!

You don’t need to be a jack of all and every trade! Be the Jill of one trade and channel all your efforts into it.

  • Most successful people are dropouts

We’ve heard this a lot. People giving career advice tend to slot this into their statements and I almost fell into it.

Yes, we have a whole bunch of dropouts who became successful but, what education does is that, it gives you an extra edge.

Now, education is not limited to the four corners of a classroom!

Education as an apprentice could be more important than a degree course because you get first hand knowledge.

People who quote the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg dropping out of school are not mentioning the reason why they dropped out of school!

These people found a vision worth pursuing after gaining a reasonable amount of knowledge in school, decide to abandon formal education to devote the said time on their dream!

They are not your conventional dropouts!

They are your unconventional leave-of-absence students who believe they need more time with their vision than been caged!

Mark Zuckerberg creation ‘The Facebook’ was already a sensation in school!

  • Like father like son

The fact that your parents were not successful in their endeavors does not mean you will fail at yours.

Change your mindset with these career advice and determine to follow them with a diligent heart.

You need to advice yourself more often and encourage yourself that nothing can stop your advancement!

Refuse to believe the negativities around and focus on your vision! Any career advice that does not tally with your dreams is not for you!

Be encouraged by advice that will leave a positive impact in your mind. Anything that affects your mind will affect your body in general.

Your mind should be guarded at all times by career advice that speaks life and not motivations that depicts fear and failure.

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