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Career Change Tips, Guidelines and Advice (BEST 4)

These Career change tips and advice will give everyone looking to change their career or explore new career paths an added advantage.

Exploring Career Change Tips 2022

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With the swift economic evolution, from the Industrial Age to the New Media Age, career change is sometimes inevitable. This has made us coin some career change tips for you.

We are simply in an era where people are no longer yoked to a particular discipline or career based on a school certificate. Don’t be underutilized.

You need to understand the basic career change tips that work.

It takes more than mere wishes to embark on a successful career switch. Career transition doesn’t just happen overnight.

So, don’t expect to get it all figured out within a twinkle of an eye.

Sometimes, you can’t even say why you are at your current place of work, where you are going from there, or how to get started.

Hence, the need for proven career change tips at your fingertip.

Below are a few questions you might need to answer before changing your career or delve into career development

What were your childhood dreams?

The funny thing about kids is that they see no limitations. Once asked what they intend to be in the nearest future, they hardly do mental calculations as adults do.

No matter how huge the ambition poses to be, it’s never huge for their mouth and imagination.

Children see no obstacle, no barricade, be it a peer or social pressure, no fear of any monetary implication… all they see is the fun that will eventually accompany their ambition.

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They care less about the price or career change tips. “I want to be a scientist,” “I want to be a musician” Some will even go as far as saying they want to be superman or ninjas.

This might sound hilarious but it remains one of the career change tips that have worked great.

Growing up comes with certain doubts – trying to weigh the certainty of our dreams and the fear of the impossible. These fears often make us back out of our inherent dreams.

With time, they tend to wash away the beautiful fantasy we’ve been able to nurture in childhood. Not all fantasies are childish; most of them are unique clues to our individual fulfillment and career path.

What were your childhood dreams? List them down and start your career change from there!

What are your strengths?

Another career change tip is to look at your strength and embrace self-motivation. Every one of us has strengths, as well as weaknesses. Just like a football team, there is a weak and strong squad.

But a good coach has no choice but to put his strong squad to use if he really wants to win a game.

Unfortunately, most of us are actually playing our weak side. That’s why it seems we are not winning any game in life.

You’ve been playing your weak squad all these years! Stop it! This remains one interesting career change tip.

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Strengths are tasks you can do well and most times, people around you have testified to this. A strength-based approach towards life focuses on what you will do right instead of what you will eventually do wrong.

Everyone is a star; the only difference is that some are faster in locating their clouds.

Everyone can shine if everyone can learn to play to their strength. Write down your social strengths, language strengths, literacy strengths, and general strengths.

In making a comprehensive list, it may require the support of your friends and family members. Let them tell you what they’ve seen you do well over the years. It might be a passion or a hobby.

The key to succeeding in different situations is to identify your strengths. That is a great career change tip if you must!

What career opportunities await your strengths and personality?

Make a list of the career opportunities that matches your strengths and personality. An extreme extrovert will do well with meeting people on a frequent basis and likely get along with them well.

An extreme introvert may not do well on the same task. Therefore, be sure you know who you are. There is no room for assumption here.

There was a certain time I wanted to go into music, but somehow, I knew I didn’t have what it takes. Guess what? I went for it and flopped big time.

I assumed I would just do well in anything, just because of my few exploit in writing and acting.

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The quote “you can if you believe you can” is at the mercy of our individual strengths and personality.

Obviously, the list of our individual strengths is endless but I will point out a few:

  • Careful with numbers and data
  • Taking Industrial technology classes
  • Solving problems and puzzles
  • Helping people get better
  • Selling things or ideas
  • Teaching people how to get things done
  • Working with computers
  • Working with your hands
  • Being creative (painting, writing, etc.)
  • Being curious about math or science

Take inventory of your strengths as stated in point number 2 above and list the various careers that match those strengths. Worthy of note is that you will succeed based on whom you are, not on whom you are not.

Your career change should be primarily based on what you love to do, not what you think you should love to do. If the primary reason for subscribing to a career is power or prestige, the chances that you might not be satisfied along the way is very high.

What are the skills required of you?

Don’t expect every career you succeed in matching your strength to be a perfect fit.

The task will likely require to learn, unlearn and re-learn. You will not get to the peak of any career without working on yourself.

Acquire the skills needed for the job and hone the qualifications you already have. Pay the price. That’s the greatest career change tips for today!


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