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Career Change – How to Professionally change a career?

Career Change could alter your personality if not done like a professional. Here is why we need a change in career and tips to change a job professionally!

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Career Change – What you Need to Know

It is quite important to point out that, you need to rethink your career choices once in a while which could necessitate a career change.

A career is usually associated with an occupation; it is the profession one does for a very long period of time.

It’s a consciously taken path, over a certain seemingly endless period of one’s lifetime. This path entails training, jobs held, titles earned, and work accomplished.

Therefore, the need to understand career choices early is inevitable.

Lots of people end up being frustrated in life because they don’t understand a thing about a career change.

Some other sets of people end up with the wrong career, hence the reason for their in-depth dissatisfaction and a need to change career.

How we live, those we spend time with, and our standard of life has largely to do with our individual careers.

Gone are the days when professional courses like medicine and surgery, law, accounting, and their likes are said to an equal better life.

This doesn’t mean there are no longer successful medical doctors or accountants; it simply means success in a career is no longer confined to a specific discipline.

There are well-fulfilled dancers, sound engineers, fashion designers, artists, Multilevel Marketers, writers, bloggers, and counselors out there.

Thus, career review and career change are inevitable.

Why Career Change?

Before making a career decision, especially a career change, it is vital to estimate your present position, your interests, values, and skills, to know if your core values and skills are addressed through your current career.

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Sometimes, what we need is not necessarily a career change but a time out, a vacation, a change of environment, or a new horizon in the same field.

If after you’ve compared your present position with your values and skills, and you still feel unsatisfied with life, you need to explore career options for a career change.

Switching career at the right time can be a smart move.

Though people seek to change careers for diverse reasons yet the steps to embark on before reaching a satisfying career is similar.

With that in mind, here are a few reasons for a career change:

  • Change in career goals and values

Goals can be motivating. In actual fact, they are powerful motivators.

The synergy of goals and values in view of a chosen field automatically brings about satisfaction.

However, once the drive to achieve a certain goal wanes, the career in question can eventually become boring. Hence, the need for a career change.

  • New interest

In this jet age, lots of people are deriving new interest in information and technology.

Several implements have moved from manual to digital, transition from coal to electric engines, giving life a new outlook.

Issues like this could be reasons for a career change – a sudden awakening in a new field, causing new interest.

In a dispensation where we have lawyers turn bloggers, bankers turn Youtubers due to a change of interest.

Age, environment, friends, and experience are a few of the factors that could well new interest.

  • Need to make more money
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Human needs are insatiable. There is this natural tendency of wanting to improve our standard of living.

Most of our everyday need is at the mercy of the fund we have access. This often makes people switch from a less paying career to a higher one.

No one likes to get stuck in a financial rut. This over the years has raised the need for a career change on all fronts.

  • Opportunities for advancement

There are jobs that give rapid growth, right from entry-level to a management position sometimes. This growth may come after one gain in-depth experience, completes additional training, earns a degree, or receives a specific certification.

It could be from one occupation to a related one with greater opportunities. Careers as this tend to lure people into a career change.

If you are someone who needs new challenges, increasing responsibilities, and exploring new horizons, you will definitely become bored if your career doesn’t provide you the opportunity to grow, and this will eventually lead to dissatisfaction.

  • Not satisfied with the work environment

The thought of going to work weighs some people down while some others look forward to their working days with utmost passion.

The work environment is enough to explain the difference between these two classes of people.

A toxic work environment, hostile social interaction, verbal abuse, poor leadership, clash of values, lack of role clarity, perceived discrimination, and sexual harassment can go a long way to create tension and weaken one’s zest on a current career.

  • Discontentment with the company’s culture

Culture is a way of life. It is the custom and social behavior of a group of people.

Culture is not magical; it is a day to day habit which has the capacity to eventually become a way of life.

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Bad culture can ruin a company and bring the utmost dissatisfaction to workers.

Cultures like gossip, unfriendly competition, lack of team spirit, and lack of empathy can wash down the passion one has for his job and most times, it brings the assumption for the need to change one’s career.

How to Change your Career?

Changing your career must not be done in a haste and as such, you need to take into consideration a few elements.

  • Analyze The Job Market – Before switching from one career to another and from one organization to another, you need to analyze the Labour market and know exactly where you fit!

What exactly works for you and which of the available careers do you plan to venture into.

Now, it’s not about getting a lucrative job as it were but it all boils down to fulfillment in what you do!

  • Make your Move – After you must have analyzed the market, it’s time to make your move.

In this vein, you need to understand timing. You must know the right moment to move, the right time to tender your letter. Depending on your organizational policies, you might need to carry the boards along.

Career Change Tips

  • Don’t leave in a Hurry – As much as I admire and strive against slackness, you must not leave your present job in a hurry

Make sure all is set before leaving. Remember, no going back on this route.

  • Seek Fulfillment, not Payments – I don’t think I need to elaborate more on this.


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