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Career Choice Regrets – How to Avoid Them!

Here are a few career choice regrets you need to avoid as a career woman or a career man aspiring for greatness.

Career Choice Regrets

Many are roaming through life regretting the choice they once made as pertains their career.

Presented with two sensitive life options, most times, we subscribe to the easiest and fastest option, without taking out enough time to weigh both options which in turns leads to career choice regrets.

Career choice regret is such one should avoid, because it will hurt you badly, including your finance and family.

I’ve read several stories of men who are meant to be in Forbes list of billionaires.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it to the list of millionaires, let alone billionaires, because of a decision they made in time past – career choice regrets.

A typical example is Ronald Wayne, the co-founder of Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.).

If he hadn’t sold his share of the company to his co-founders, Steve Woznaik and Steve Jobs, it is said that his worth would have been in several hundreds of billions of dollars, making him one of the first five billionaires.

If time could be reversed, just imagine what Ronald Wayne’s decision would have been.

If he had the clearer picture of what could become of his little share, he wouldn’t have sold for it $800. That’s a great example of career choice regrets many need to avoid!

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Every blessed day of your life will offer you a menu of decision, and you just have to make a choice you will live not to regret.

Some of these daily decisions are less important, for example, to choose between hot and cold coffee.

If you are used to taking your coffee hot, it won’t hurt much if you try taking it cold.

Choosing between colours of the car to buy is minor as well.

Wherever such decision tilts to won’t hurt, when compared to major decisions.

Some decisions are of grave importance.

Once the wrong choice is made, you might regret it for the rest of your life.

Career choice regrets could be of high impact in this type of sensitive decision.

It doesn’t mean those who made a seemly wrong career decision are foolish.

Often times, we make decisions based on the knowledge at our reach.

This is the essence of this particular article – how to avoid career choice regret.

How to Avoid Career Choice Regrets

  • Don’t choose a career to Please People

I once met a woman who told me she wished her daughter could study medicine.

Puzzled, I looked into her eyes. “This daughter of yours has no flare for science subjects,” I said.

As a matter of fact, she wanted me to take her daughter on basic mathematics, during my leisure.

I didn’t understand why she would love her daughter bear the burden of biology, chemistry alongside.

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“In fact, she’s no longer taking sciences, but I wish she could be a medical doctor,” she replied.

Curious about her blunt response, I interrogated her further, “If she’s not in science class, why then do you want her to be a medical doctor?”

“She has the stature,” she answered. “Each time I see her from afar, she has this charisma of a doctor.”

Imagine the reason why a mother wanted her daughter to study Medicine, at the expense of her daughter’s personal satisfaction.

This will end in career choice regrets if her daughter who has no interest for science subjects eventually venture into that field of study.

Again, imagine how frustrated such girl could end up if she dares yield to her mum’s wish.

Don’t ever choose a career to please people. This has been the greatest factor that leads to career choice regrets.

  • Don’t let a single career choice determine your entire career

If you are on a career choice that eventually makes you unfulfilled, don’t hesitate to take the next bend pointing to your fulfillment.

It might require learning new skills, or exposing yourself to a new experience. This is way better than career choice regrets on your dying bed!

Whatever it is, the price for your career fulfillment is worth it.

Learn to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Sometimes, issues of life may not happen as planned, but that doesn’t mean you should be a victim.

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Simply replan! See it as an opportunity to expand, grow and be a better version of yourself.

A friend of mine did say, “Hope for the best and expect the worst.” Even though I’m not a believer of this quote, I believe there is an atom of truth in it.

Don’t be pessimistic, but sometimes, we raise an unrealistic expectation that we end up being extremely disappointed if things didn’t go the way we expect.

Be flexible enough to make lemonade out of every lemon life offers you.

  • Invest In Knowledge

That you are experiencing a pause in a present career doesn’t connote that’s all there is to such career.

Never equate challenges at work to career failure.

Sometimes, what we need is emotional intelligence, financial intelligence not change in career path.

If Ronald Wayne had a better understanding of business, other than that of the computer system, he wouldn’t have opted out of Apple Inc.

To escape career regret, be vase in knowledge. Extend the scope of your knowledge, beyond your field of endeavour.

It will help you reinforce your career while you build towards the top. Don’t be limited in your thinking! Widen your stream of mental capacity.

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