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Top 10 Career Choice for Women (High Paying)

Career choice for women can appear in diverse facet and organization. Here is our list of Top ten career choices for women in this century.

Career Choice for Women

The era of gender segregation at workplace is fast eroding than imagined, even much more in this technology age.

Women are no longer secluded to certain professions like nursing, teaching and house mistress.

The glaring barrier that once existed between male and female is getting bridged day by day.

Most women have migrated into leadership and managerial positions, taking the bull by the horn, politically, economically and technology wise.

However, there are certain career paths and career choice for women where ladies are more reckoned with when compared to their male counterparts, in terms of organization, planning and earnings.

In these careers, it’s being observed that women are far more productive.

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Top Career Choice for Women

  • Event Planner

As light as event planning sounds, if mismanaged, it can destroyed years of hard built reputation of an organization, business and meetings.

It will be wrong for you to think anyone anywhere can wake up anyhow to plan an event.

Event planning is more than that and is a perfect career choice for women.

Due to the details involved in planning events, clients often prefer a gender with keenest insight into small issues.

Amidst many functions, negotiating, organizing, conducting necessary research, developing a better approach to satisfy customers, managing foreseen and unseen circumstances, registering, reporting and coordinating menu for all the meal functions are key to every event planner.

Women have proven to be on top of their game in this career path.

  • Nursing Practitioner
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If you need a career that will enable you support your family, financially and emotionally, nursing is one good option.

The opportunity this career offers is not restricted within the four walls of a hospital and it is a great career choice for women.

It offers independence, flexibility, chance to serve humanity and an opportunity to grow personally and professionally, irrespective of the nation of the world you migrate to.

The service of a nurse cuts across all tribes, gender and belief.

  • Fashion Stylist

Fashion Stylist is one of the top trending career choice for women in this day and age.

Fashion is a universal language. It is spoken and understood by all.

In this career path, you can decide to be wardrobe stylist, corporate stylist, commercial stylist, celebrity stylist or fashion editor.

Fashion keeps evolving and as a stylist, it means you will keep evolving. This career path creates room for originality and creativity.

  • Management analyst

I believe managing materials and information perfectly well is inherent in women.

Back then in my university days, while myself and my roommate would be running out of foodstuffs before mid-session, largely as a result of mismanagement, most of our female friends would still be living in excess.

When it comes to management, women tend to have an edge.

As a management analyst, you can decide to work as a consultant, if you don’t want to work directly with an organization.

Bulk of the task is on gathering and organizing information about problem(s) to be solved or a process to improve on.

  • Psychologist
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Women are known to be more comfortable with life-oriented field and psychology happens to be on of such fields.

Unlike men, who are more attracted to system fields like Engineering, Technology and so on; being a psychologist made our top career choice for women today.

Right from conceiving a baby to taking care of a child, it appears women have first-hand experience with life than men.

Maybe that’s why an average person would rather seek to meet a female counselor.

High Paying Career Choice for Women

  • Social Entrepreneurship

When it comes to communication, on the average, men can’t stand women, not at all.

This is obvious from childhood – girls appear to be more outspoken than boys. Women are better communicators.

When it comes to expressing ones idea without getting short of words or listening empathetically, as the case may be, men are no match to their female counterparts.

When it comes to careers that require communication, interpersonal, social and corporate relationships, women stand better chances, as they are preferred by clients.

Social Entrepreneurship thus makes our list of top ten career choice for women.

  • Sports

It will surprise you to know that women are extremely doing well in sport. Days when sporting use to be a man’s thing has far passed by.

Lots of women are doing well in coaching, athletic trainer, broadcaster, dietician, sport psychologist, sport writer and so on.

If you are passionate about sport, I urge you to go for it. It’s a good one to pursue, as a front person (sportsman), agent or any other facet of this career.

  • Banking and Finance

Though the banking industry is still male dominated, yet, most of the women in the industry have proven that gender difference is not a limitation whatsoever.

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In fact, professionals suggest that having more women in the banking industry could help prevent future financial crises.

When it comes to communicating ideas and listening closely to customers, women are intricately wired for such task.

People like Okonjo Iweala will forever remain an icon, for delving into a career that is male dominated, not just that, for proving that the personality of an average woman is needed in banking and finance.

As a woman, you should consider exploring this terrain.

  • Public Relations Manager

This career is female dominated.  This career path requires confident communicator and presenter; someone who can identify audience and determine the best way to reach out to them; someone who possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills.

The listed attribute is obviously pointing to females, as this tend to give them leverage when compared to males.

  • Veterinarian

This profession has witnessed huge gender shift in recent times. More women are seen in this career path.

There is yet a logical reason behind this huge shift. However, I believe it’s largely because of women’s tenderness. Have you ever observed a little girl?

How she pampers and cuddles a lifeless doll? I believe this explains the bond between animals and female veterinary doctors.

However, veterinary is not about being soft or feminine, because there are bigger animals that require strength to handle.

This shows that women work harder and show more emotional intelligence than men. Veterinarian is a great field to consider has one of the top ten career choice for women.


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