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Top 10 Career Choice for Youth & Millennials

Here are the Top Ten career choice for youth that is currently topping our chat list. These are the top youth and career development.

Career Choice for Youth & Millennials

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You might have heard that humans have no control over the events of life, a predestination kind of thing.

You must have heard it. “Everything is predestined.” While an aspect of this philosophy is true, most of life’s event is nothing but a product of our individual choices.

Things don’t just happen to people. Most times, predestination is what we’ve chosen to make out of life. Peter Drucker rightly said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it”.

Hence, don’t wait for life to happen to you, especially when you have the power to choose or switch your career.

This article is about ten career choice for youths. With these careers, the future promises to glow.

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Software Developer

There is rarely an endeavour of life that doesn’t have anything to do with the use of software application and development.

The service of software developers cut across all continents, all fields and all stages of life, from world level corporations to our individual mobile phones.

As a developer, you can decide to be a freelancer, making you self-employed, computing your own programs and selling them at will and on your own terms.

Software developers are the creative minds behind every computer programs, computer and other devices.

They develop software programs. The areas of expertise are data structures and algorithms, programming languages, applications and platforms.

I’m yet to meet a genuine software developer who is unemployed.

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Our current world seeks for software developers. You make yourself a hot cake by subscribing into this career.

Analytical Manager

Landing on a gold mine in business is beyond having capital; you need someone with business intelligence.

An analytical manager is responsible for developing strategies for effective data analysis and reporting; build system to transform raw data into actionable business insights; apply industry knowledge to interpret data; selecting, configuring and implementing analytic solutions; leading and developing a team of data analysts.

Solar Energy Technician

Alternative energy source has made solar energy one of the most sought after alternative for power generation.

The solar industry is growing rapidly and more solar workers are trooping in on daily basis.

You may want to build a career in this field as more room for research is being made available.

This is one of the top ten career choices.

Environmentalists and scientists have explained to us the danger of burning fossil fuel on.

The aftermath release of gases from fossils create great hazard to planet earth and human health alike. Hence, solar energy and wind energy are being harnessed.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are highly educated professionals, specialized in dealing with disorders of the human body, primarily by physical means.

Though most of them practice in the hospital yet some of them serve as home health agencies, research centres, occupational environment, fitness centres, and sport training facilities.

Physical therapists render services to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives

A sales representative works directly with a manufacturing company or works as an independent sales representative, patronizing manufacturers and wholesalers.

He or she sells products to companies, businesses, and governments on behalf of a manufacturer(s) or wholesaler(s).

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He or she displays products to clients, his customers, showing them how they will maximize profit and decrease costs.

Sales representatives are not only rewarded with salaries, they also benefit from bonuses and commissions.

Building a career in this path may require basic training with the company you intend to work.

This profession is promising and it gives room for self-development. Need to change your career, click here.


No matter how advanced humanity turns out to be in science and technology, humans can’t eat applications, data or information.

We still have to survive on agricultural produce.

While lot of people are seeking white collar jobs, only few youths have been able to subscribe to digging the gold mine in agriculture.

Aside food products, it provides alternative energy. You may want to be among the few who will feed the nation.

This career promises a long-term employment and employment opportunities for others.

The career opportunity in is wide – Agricultural engineer, Food scientist, Agricultural Inspector, Agronomist, Aquatic Ecologist, Animal farming, Botanist, Fishery, Horticulturist, Forester, Plant Biologist, Soil and Plant Scientist, Soil Engineer, Wildlife Consultant and so on.

This career gives room to varieties.

Nurse Practitioner

More hospitals and healthcare have started utilizing the expertise of Nurse Practitioners.

Nurse Practitioners are Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. They are licensed to analyze patients, prescribe medication, diagnose illness and provide treatment, just like physicians.

In fact, they don’t have to work under the supervision of a medical doctor.

The amount of money and time it takes to be a medical doctor is more than what it takes to be a Nurse Practitioner.

Yet, Nurse Practitioners are well sought after because the need for primary care is on geometric increase.

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This career can be likened to a coin; one of its faces is a Registered Nurse, the other is a physician.

Computer Network Administrator

The dependence of organizations on computer networks, network reliability, information security, speed and efficiency is on the increase.

Hence, the high demand for highly skilled technology experts that support computer networks, safeguard data network, install firewalls, evaluate software and hardware, install filters, and monitor traffic.

Industries like health care and the banking sector can’t do without Computer Network Administrator.

Choosing a career in this path is quite promising.

Financial Analyst

The persisting economic tempest has made the need for financial advice and planning inevitable, for both individuals and organizations.

This has made financial analysts to be in higher demand and one of the most popular career choices in finance.

As an analyst, you can work in a range of industries.

Not everyone can examine and interpret financial statements, trends and the economic conditions.

Financial analyst does this, hence providing information and knowledge needed to increase revenue and manage business successfully.


We are in a jet age. The world is moving faster than imagined.

Entrepreneurship is one of the inventions of the industrial revolution we are expressing.

Owing a business is no longer limited to selling goods, it could as well be services, either online or offline.

Most of the big guns in 21st century are entrepreneurs. This is one promising career path.

Though it takes risk and guts, yet it has proven to pay off. See our Top 10 Career Choice for Women.

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