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Top 10 Career Development Strategies (FULL GUIDE)

Here are the Top Ten Career Development Strategies for individuals and organizations alike. Get the full development strategy pack here.

Career Development Strategies

Career development is an important issue for both individuals and organisations.

Effective career development and planning can be easy as long as you find the right strategies. On this post are the most effective career development strategies ever.

By attracting, retaining and developing its workforce, an organisation achieves the resilience that is required to survive in an increasingly turbulent business environment.

This is also applicable for an individual that wish to keep and survive in his job or career path.

The end result of successful career development practice is that an individual is better placed to adapt and survive in a competitive business climate and is better equipped to face the future.

Successful career development practice is therefore designed to give an individual competitive advantage in attracting, retaining and developing in which ever profession he works or wish to work in.

Career Development Strategies – Definition

Firstly, career development strategies are behaviors, activities, or experiences designed to help a person meet career goals.

A career strategy represents a conscious choice by an individual as to the type of investment he or she is willing to make in attempting to reach career objectives.

Ideally, people pursue a particular career strategy based on the expectation that it will result in the greatest chances of achieving personal and professional success.

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Research has show generally that effective career development strategies ultimately improves ones chances of attaining career success.

It is also important to know that the usefulness of a particular career strategy is dependent on a number of factors, including the nature of the job, the type of the industry, and the culture and norms of the particular organization.

Thus, a career strategy that might be successful in one case might not work in another.

Below are some career development strategies you will need to move up as fast you can ever imagine.

Top 10 Career Development Strategies

  1. Be clear on what you want: The first strategy for career development i will like to talk on is to be clear on what you want. Make sure you have a goal and clear vision of the kind of future you desire for yourself.By now you should be clear on your career choice and path if not, see here career choice – all you need to know about choosing a career.
  2. Attain competence: Nothing can be compared to being good at what you do. So a good strategy for career development is to at least attain competence in your current job or the work you do.Once you are clear on your career path, the next is to work on being so good in what you can do, that no one can beat you in it.
  3. Conduct regular self-assessment: Regular self-assessment is crucial, so you need to always assess yourself and plan ahead.Create a work plan that suits your progress, Know your strengths and weaknesses. Work on developing areas you are lagging and continually strengthen your gifts.
  4. Set Milestones: Setting milestones is a career planning strategy that will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals.Always find a way to get off your Comfort zone and reach out for greater heights in your field.
  5. Make your goals measurable: As you set career goals and milestones, ensure they are measurable and what you can do.Plan for smaller goals because this will help you plan better and leave less room for mistakes. Manageable goals can also be more motivating as you’ll get the feeling of achievement a lot more often which can help generate an overall positive outlook on your career development.
  6. Develop new skills: This is his most popular career development strategy ever known. Adding to your skill set will continually expose you to greater opportunities of growth no matter the industry you find yourself.This involves the acquisition or enhancement of work abilities that either improve performance in your present job or will be required in your subsequent position.
  7. Explore new opportunities: This can be done through self nominations and volunteering for tasks other than your regular tasks.Self-nomination is mostly intended to enhance one’s visibility and exposure to those in more senior positions within the organization, which can bring recognition, special assignments, and sponsorship.
  8. Get a mentor: Getting a mentor as a career strategy has received considerable attention in recent years.A mentor can provide coaching, friendship, sponsorship, and role-modeling these among other things increase your growth rate and save you some costly mistakes and waste of time.
  9. Hire a Career Coach: Hiring a career coach is a good thing to do especially when figuring things out yourself is becoming difficult. Career Coach are professionals and career experts trained to help other people achieve their goals and can help you set manageable goals.The role of a career coach in career development can never be under estimated although many people neglect this expect.
  10. Be Always Up To Date: Finally is that you must always be up to date, If there are new development in tools and skills in your area or career path ensure you are amongst the first to learn and adopt them into your skill set.
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Network regularly with influential people and professionals in your industry and be proactive about learning all the latest changes in your industry.


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