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Ecobank Lions Den Business Reality Show Applications

Ecobank Lions Den Business Reality Show Applications for Nigerian Entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to investors. See how to register.

Ecobank Lions Den Business Reality Show Guide

ecobank lions den

Lions’ Den Business reality show is for budding entrepreneurs across Nigeria.

Entrepreneurs get the chance and platform to pitch their business to 5 successful Nigerian investors. These investors are referred to as ‘Lions’ in the show.

These Investors ‘Lions’ are top investors looking to help Nigerian fulfil their dreams and ambitions by investing in ideas that catch their attention on the show for equity.

Eco-Bank Lions Den Rules and Guides

There are rules and guidelines to follow once in the Den, for a better presentation by all budding entrepreneurs.

  • RULE 1: THE PITCH – This is the first stage where Entrepreneurs state their name, business name, amount of money required, 3 mins pitch, and equity they are willing to give away to a Lion.
  • RULE 2: THE Q&A – The pitch is followed by a question and answer by the entrepreneur and from the Lions.
  • RULE 3: OPTING ‘OUT’ – This happens when all 5 Lions have cleared themselves out; then, the Entrepreneurs’ time in the Den is over.
  • RULE 4: INVESTMENTS – This is the state where the entrepreneur tries to convince the Lions to invest the initial pitched amount or more.
  • RULE 5: MULTI-LION INVESTMENTS – An entrepreneur can seek to have more than one investor or Lion to invest in his/her ideas.
  • RULE 6: REFUSING INVESTMENT – An entrepreneur can rightly refuse investment from any Lion if they don’t feel it right for their pitch.
  • RULE 7: THE DEAL – This is a green light for investment by the Lions.
  • RULE 8: THE ADVOCATE – An advocate is permitted to step in and help the entrepreneur, or, ask the investors to direct some inquiries to the available advocate.
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Below are some requirements to qualify for the EcoBank Lions Den Business Reality Show by Ultima Studios.

  • Nationality: You must be a Nigerian or a resident of Nigeria
  • Product: Your pitch must meet a need in Nigeria
  • Headquarters: You must have your business operation base in Nigeria.
  • Association: You must have no known relationship with any of the core members of the project and/or production crew of Lions Den.

How to Apply?

  • Visit the Lion’s Den Ultima application page on https://ultima.ng/lionsden/apply/
  • Fund your Ecobank account (personal or business) with the sum of N10,000.
  • Register on the above Lions’ Den application page using your Ecobank account number.
  • Upload your elevator pitch video.
  • Wait for verification.

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