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High Paying Jobs in Nigeria without a Degree

Why do you need a high paying Jobs in Nigeria without a degree? Obviously to meet the unlimited needs of the family.

High Paying Jobs in Nigeria

Having a degree is not equivalent to a higher standard of living.

As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of frustrated degree holders who don’t know why they went to higher institutions.

Most people go to school with hope of getting high paying job in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, the present rate of unemployment is not at the mercy of school education.

The truth is, getting high paying jobs in Nigeria is not hundred percent the function of spending years and years in the university.

There are career development whose requirement is primarily based on vision, zeal and skills.

High Paying Jobs in Nigeria

Most of these required skills can be acquired outside the four walls of the school.

Below are some of the high paying jobs without degree:

  • Computer Programming

Computer programming is basically about writing computer programmes. The primary necessity is to understand variety of computer languages, such as C++ and java.

[alert-announce]The skills required are analytical skills, detail-oriented, concentration and trouble-shooting skills.[/alert-announce]

Currently, the computer industry offer high paying job opportunities without a degree.

Most of the great programmers don’t necessarily have a degree in Computer Science.

  • Farmer, Ranchers and other Agricultural Managers
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The farming business is one of the oldest professions of all time, even before the introduction of formal education. See how to start a Business in Nigeria.

Farming is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria with or without a degree.

Even though there are basic skills needed for effectiveness, yet launching out as a farmer is not at the mercy of a degree.

[alert-note]The skills needed are analytical and critical thinking skills, interpersonal relationship skills, management skills and you will have to business savvy.[/alert-note]

  • Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur makes our list of highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

The major requirement needed to be a prolific entrepreneur is to take a stand.

If you are tired of playing the blame game; if you are set to change the game, then you may be ready to be an entrepreneur.

It takes a conscious decision and this can’t be earned by a degree.

[alert-warning]A degree doesn’t guarantee assertiveness, dogged confidence, courage and risk taking.[/alert-warning]

As a matter of fact, some of the well-known 21st century entrepreneurs had to drop out of school, as to give their ambition the maximum attention it needs.

High Paying Jobs in Nigeria without a degree

  • Driver

Why do driving made our list of highest paying jobs in Nigeria without a degree?

[alert-note]Aside using their private cars for commercial purposes, lot of graduates are professional drivers with Uber, Taxify and other similar platforms.[/alert-note]

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Of course, you should know they weren’t employed based on their certificates.

Likewise, those without a degree are also drivers with these organizations. All you need is a driver’s licence, which anyone can acquire and a car, which you can hire.

This is one of the high paying jobs without a degree. What you need is a driving skills and the zeal to make money.

You can also get employed as a company driver or private driver.

  • Property, Real Estate and Community Association Managers

I have a cousin who was once an Estate Manager but had a degree in Anatomy.

He had nothing to do with real estate while in higher institution but he became a successful estate manager.

Selling one property successfully can equal three month salary of an anatomist.

Being a real estate manager or agent has a huge opportunity attached to it.

What you need to be successful in this profession is a good working knowledge of the locality, value of the properties at your disposal, good communication skills, integrity, persistence and passion.

  • Makeup artists

Even though some people insist it is essential to have cosmetology licence before becoming a makeup artist, yet I have seen tens of professional makeup artists without a certificate let alone a degree in anything.

The need for a makeup artist is on the increase because fashion keeps evolving.

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If you have a rare eye for good looks and colours, you may be on your to becoming a unique makeup artist.

Get a private makeup box, and several brushes, you can start by applying it on yourself and your friends.

With this, you can perfect your craft, before going commercial.

  • Electrician

These set of people often have deep mechanical ability. They understand colour-coded wiring.

These people only need a bit of experience to set out on a career path without a degree.

To be a prolific electrician, you need a good communication skill, to relate with clients, and also business knowledge, to go beyond your locality.

You have the opportunity to set your own financial goal and bar, since there are ready clients.

These are some of the high paying jobs in Nigeria that can be achieved without a degree.

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