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Insurance Jobs in Nigeria & How to Apply 2021

Here are trending Insurance jobs in Nigeria and how to apply guide. Select through the listed Assurance vacancies and careers. 

Insurance Jobs in Nigeria

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The insurance industry has been an aspect of the financial sector that many might not be too familiar with around this part of the world.

Very popular among business owners, companies, and corporations; Insurances are quite necessary to minimize risk.

This is a well documented and illustrious guide to Insurance jobs in Nigeria available career paths or vacancies.

The below list is not in any preference or grading but random selections as deemed fit by the writer.


AIICO is a leading brand in Nigeria when it comes to security and risk management.

AIICO offers a very wide range of Insurance when compared with other security covers.

We have outlined and are able to list some of them below.

Auto, Aviation, Agriculture, Boiler, Bond, Builders Liability, Burglary & House Breaking, Cash-In-Transit, Consequential Loss, Contractor-All-Risk, Electronic Equipment, Employer’s Liability, Fire, Home, Oil and Gas, and more.

Getting a job with AIICO is thus a great career path.

Official Website: www.aiicoplc.com

Established: 1963


Leadway Assurance pride itself in Nigeria as offering one of the top Insurance firms..

Many businesses have gone for Leadway Assurance which could also be seen in their rigorous advertisement and publicity.

Official Website: www.leadway.com

Established: 1970


For an insurance firm that was just founded in 2007, FBN Insurance has carved out a niche for itself when it relates to life insurance businesses in the Nigerian market.

Backed by a team of smart individuals, getting a career placement here is great and you must be willing to bring your best to the table.

Official Website: www.fbninsurance.com

Established: 2007


Sterling Assurance is a big name and a competitive insurance company in Nigeria.

When you are talking about risk management and general insurances in Nigeria, the name Sterling Assurance will definitely pop up.

They have insured some key corporations and financial bodies which makes them experienced in this matter.

Individuals looking for steady career growth and path can reason Sterling Assurance and grow from there.

Official Website: www.sterlingassure.com

Established: 1990


Zenith Insurance is backed by a team of ever-innovative workforce.

Known for great products like their car insurance, life, and premium insurance for individuals and corporations.

You can submit your CV and resumes to start up your career search with Zenith Insurance.

Official Website: www.zenithinsurance.com.ng

Established: 1949


Goldlink Insurance was founded as a Private Limited company in 1992 and has since been engaging in Insurances in Nigeria.

Goldlink over the years has seen diverse growth and expansion as the company adds diverse products and services to its portfolio.

Some of the services they offer include:

  • Motor Insurance
  • Oil & Gas Insurance
  • General Accident
  • Life Insurance
  • Marine

There is a bright career path here for anyone who has an outline of scaling in the administrative segment.

Official Website: www.goldlinkinsuranceplc.com

Established: 1992


Niger Insurance is a top brand to reckon with when it comes to security and assurances in Nigeria.

Some of the products and services they offer include:

  • Educational Insurance
  • Endowment Insurance
  • Personal Pension & Savings Plan
  • Term Assurance
  • Group Life Assurance
  • Mortgage Protection

Official Website: www.nigerinsurance.com

Established: 1962

African Alliance

For a firm founded in 1960, African Alliance offers some smart plans for its customers and users.

These services make them edge out others when it comes to the quality of service.

Some of their services are highlighted below.

  • Annuity Plans
  • Investment Plus Plan
  • Children Education Plan
  • Money Appreciation Plan
  • Mortgage Protection Plan
  • Invest
  • Esusu and Takaful

These and more of their services make them a brand to work with when selecting a career base.

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Official Website: www.africanallianceplc.com

Established: 1960

Great Nigeria

A great place to start an Insurance and risk management career path.

Great Nigeria has the experience of over 6 decades and counting. This makes them a name to associate with for all job seekers.

Some of the services on their portfolio and indemnification include the following:

  • Burglary and House Breaking Insurance
  • Fire  Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Group Life and personal
  • Marine Insurance
  • Money Insurance
  • Oil & Gas/Special Risks
  • Plant All Risk Insurance

Official Website: www.greatnigeriaplc.com

Established: 1960


Anchor has been around for a while and was registered in 1989 which has also enabled the firm to grow and develop into what it is today.

A career path here will definitely be a leap for all those looking to delve into the insurance field.

Some of their products revolve around Agriculture, Motor, Bonds, Fire, etc

Official Website: www.anchorinsuranceng.com

Established: 1989

Capital Express

For a company that was established just way over 2 decades ago, Capital Express is presumed to be one of the fastest-growing insurance firms in Nigeria at the time of reviewing this.

Therefore, if the insurance field is your cover; you can presume innovation and better know-how with Capital Express.

Some of their services include Personal & Group plans and it will be a great firm to work.

Official Website: www.capitalexpressassurance.com

Established: 2000

Nigerian Agricultural Insurance

NAIC offers strategically streamline insurances as the name suggests – Agriculture. They also offer general insurances as well as other non-life plans.

Working with NAIC could be seen as a Federal job placement which could be a great path.

Official Website: www.naic.gov.ng

Established: 1987


Guinea Insurance offers personal and corporate Insurance features including life.

A lot of features have been added to their portfolio which has seen the growth of the firm.

It is a great place for any job seeker to commence their search and career placement.

Official Website: www.guineainsurance.com

Established: 1948

Consolidated Hallmark

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance company is known for its business strategies of insurance and other forms of securities.

They have redefined the way insurance is being done in Nigeria and has experienced growth over the years.

With the right academic qualifications and technical know-how, you can commence your job search here.

Official Website: www.chiplc.com

Established: 1991

ARM Life

ARM is a major name when it comes to risk management in Nigeria.

Their launch into the insurance sphere has been widely accepted by many.

With the use of technology and serious-minded teamwork, ARM has witnessed some encouraging growth for all job seekers.

Official Website: www.armlife.com.ng

Established: 1983

Sovereign Trust

With their headquarter in Lagos, Sovereign Trust has a built-in network of workers across Nigeria.

Sovereign Trust prides itself as a team of professional workers, working for a particular goal which is a success.

Working with Sovereign Trust will sharpen your mind and expose you to the basic etiquette of insurance in Nigeria.

Official Website: www.stiplc.com

Established: 1980


For a company that was founded in 1991, Cornerstone Insurance has carved out a name for itself when it comes to auto insurance, travel insurance, and corporate Insurance.

There are different departments here as a job seeker that you can apply for.

Official Website: www.cornerstone.com.ng

Established: 1991


Staco throws weight behind varieties of insurances like car, energy, special risk, home amongst others.

They have a great management team which indicates a great staff base. This is a good place for people to delve into the insurance workforce.

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Official Website: www.stacoplc.com

Established: 1991


Custodian and Allied insurance conjugate different life insurance and a pension scheme that has been much appraised by many.

From our little research, this is an indigenous insurance company that places emphasis on the Nigerian financial security sector.

You can apply for a job with Custodian Insurance with the right qualifications.

Official Website: www.custodianplc.com.ng

Established: 1956

Allianz Nigeria

Allianz Insurance prides itself on offering affordable insurance that covers every walks of life as pertains to Nigeria.

As of the time of filing in this report, Allianz Nigeria boasts of over 200 employees and is always willing to recruit the best of minds when available.

Official Website: www.allianz.ng

Established: 1993

AXA Mansard

AXA Mansard provides a whole range of insurances and asset management that covers categories like health, life, moto, travel investment, and pension.

AXA Mansard could be said to be one of the consistent insurances in Nigeria with a vibrant employee base.

Official Website: www.axamansard.com

Established: 1989

Industrial & General Insurance

IGI as it is fondly called is a major risk management provider in West Africa that cuts across the borders of the Gambia, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda.

Industrial & General Insurance boast of offices in London and Washington DC which makes it top-notch when it comes to insurance in Nigeria.

Anyone looking for job placement in Industrial and General insurance must be willing to put in the extra effort needed to work in this establishment.

Official Website: www.iginigeria.com

Established: 1991


NSIA as an insurance firm provides services that include corporate packages and other household insurances.

As per a career here, NSIA via their official portal boost to be one of the most friendly environment to work.

Official Website: www.nsiainsurance.com

Established: 1989

International Energy

International Energy insurance offers a unique kind of insurance as they propel their travel insurance across the world and the international scene.

They have incorporated different aspects of risk management and financial products to their services.

A career placement here will open your eyes to a new world of possibilities.

Official Website: www.ieiplcng.com

Established: 1969


Lasaco Assurance covers a milestone when it comes to moto, marine, and aviation insurance.

Their insurance is separated and divided into two distinct categories or product which includes life and non-life products.

If you plan to learn more and get better exposure in the risk management sphere, here is a great place to start your career.

Official Website: www.lasacoassurance.com

Established: 1979


Oasis pride itself in Nigeria as offering one of the lowest monthly rates to its client.

This has made them a choice for many and as such, the need for smart manpower who are willing to move the firm forward in line with their laid down etiquettes.

Official Website: www.oasisinsurance.com

Established: 1981

Standard Alliance

Standard Alliance has a few decades or stands in the risk management business.

They boast of investment not just in Nigeria or West Africa but Africa as a whole.

Choosing a career path here will definitely expose you to not just the Nigerian risk management and investment system but Africa as a whole.

Official Website: www.sainsuranceng.com

Established: 1981


The presence of Unitrust Insurance in Nigeria cannot be denied based on the forms of insurance they offer.

Their insurance portfolios and mission statements are quite encouraging and as such a destination for job seekers in this field.

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Official Website: www.unitrustinsurance.com

Established: 1981


Linkage Assurance has carved out a niche for itself when it comes to non-life insurance in Nigeria.

They have voiced different career needs and have recruited lots of talent over the years.

If you are interested in their mission and vision then, this is likely the spot to commence your insurance career path.

Official Website: www.linkageassurance.com

Established: 1991


WAPIC over the years has used innovation and technology to build a sustainable insurance firm.

For those interested in risk management and its portfolios, working with WAPIC could be a call of duty.

Official Website: www.wapic.com

Established: 1958

Mutual Benefits

Mutual Benefits Assurance is an insurance and financial management firm that specializes in travel insurance, home, and motor.

As they specialize in Nigeria, getting employed here will definitely favor any indigene who is interested in the insurance world.

Official Website: www.mutualng.com

Established: 1985


NEM insurance is one of the oldest insurance company in Nigeria that was founded even before independence.

NEM has engaged business in Nigeria for decades and that has accumulated in untapped experience.

These untapped experience could be a learning curve for many employees looking to explore.

Official Website: www.nem-insurance.com

Established: 1948


NICON like most of the other insurance firms that have been listed above, provide marine, fire, auto, pension, and general accident insurance.

Founded in 1969 and have been a top flyer when it comes to insurance in Nigeria and risk management across the Federation.

You are sure of a scalable career path with NICON when you meet their requirements and career guidelines.

Official Website: www.niconinsurance.com.ng

Established: 1969

Old Mutual Nigeria Life

Old Mutual has been offering affordable insurance to Nigerians both for personal and corporate needs.

The steady advertisement for their car insurance and savings plan is also an indication of how strong the company is.

This could be a great destination for those interested in working for Old Mutual Nigeria.

Official Website: www.oldmutual.com.ng

Established: 1845


Prestige has carved out a niche for itself as it doesn’t just offer personal and corporate Insurance but also delve into healthcare insurance.

They have products like motor insurance and medicare.

These and many more make them innovative and anyone willing to work with Prestige Insurance must be innovative as well.

Official Website: www.prestigeassuranceplc.com

Established: 1952

Insurance company Salary Scale in Nigeria

It depends on the insurance company and its salary scale. Some Insurance companies pay more than others due to the caliber of portfolios they manage.

Some insurance Managers earn to the tune of N400,000 while staff could rack up about N130, 000 per month.

There is no defined salary scale for insurance companies but from our research, their pays are sizable and their remunerations are also great.

How to Apply for Insurance Jobs in Nigeria

For an easier application step – the below-listed guide is necessary. Here is how to apply for any of the above-listed Insurance company jobs.

  • Go through the above-listed insurance companies and select any that falls in line with your career profile.
  • Go through the requirements and click on their application link.
  • Visit the career portal, follow the instructions given, or fill in the application form where applicable.
  • Submit your application and wait for a response from any of the above-listed risk management firm that you have applied to.



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