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NPower Nigeria PDF List, Batch B & Supplementary

NPower Nigeria Latest – Here are trending NPower PDF List updates about Batch B, Batch C Stream 1 & 2 Login. This guide covers the A-Z of the program.

NPower Nigeria Latest News

npower nigeria latest news

Here are the latest NPower Nigeria news highlights for Batch C, Stream 1 & 2 alongside previous NPower shortlists.

It has become necessary to showcase NPower Nigeria Latest News and updates from the Federal Government.

This will enable all NPower shortlisted candidates to be aware of their stand and better prepare for the NPower Deployment that might follow.

This NPower registration and application login guidelines will assist you to fill the N-power forms, categories apply online.

NPower Nigeria Programs & Categories

NPower Nigeria Programs ranges from Health, Creativity, Agriculture and other works of life.

Below are some of the currently available NPower Programs in Nigeria.

  • NPower Health


  • NPower Teach


  • NPower Agro


  • NPower Nigeria Tech Software


  • NPower Nigeria Tech Hardware


Other of such programs organized and setup by NPower Nigeria includes the following:

  • NPower Community Education
  • NPower Build
  • NPower Tax

Applicants who get picked during the shortlisting exercise will be established as per business, developed, and engaged with projects where applicable.

This is aside the monthly stipends and stimulus checks received.

Npower Nigeria Batch C Stream 1 

NPower Nigeria Batch C Stream 1 is the first batch of the Batch C program.

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This was the first 500,000 successful candidates that were shortlisted.


Npower Nigeria Batch C Stream 2

The NPower Batch C Stream 2 follows the first batch of successful candidates.

This is the second 500,000 candidates drafted into the NPower program by the federal government through the ministry.


NPower Shortlisted Candidates (Updated)

NPower Programs are specifically designed to lift Nigerians out of unemployment.

The process of having people to apply and submit their details is to select the best fit for the Federal Government.

The NPower Shortlisted candidates are afterwards rewarded with a monthly salary and stipend.


NPower Finger Print Verification 

Before you are fully enrolled into the NPower Nigeria scheme, you have to provide your Bio-data and fingerprints.

This aids the Government to have a well documented record of applicants and beneficiaries of the NPower program.


NPower NEXIT Portal Login

As you are well aware, the CBN initiative to cater for NPower applicants was channeled through the NPower NEXIT program.

This took into consideration old participants of the NPower Nigeria scheme and offer a CBN based EXIT program.


NPower Computer Based Tests (CBT) & Results

The NPower Computer Based Test (CBT) ensures a fair platform for all applicants whose mentality are put to a CBT examination.

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The NPower Nigeria CBT results are afterwards released which ensure the selection of the candidates that qualify for the NPower deployment.


NPower Nigeria Past Questions & Answers 

The NPower past question papers and answers ensures candidates to better prepare for the Computer Based Test (CBT).

This is either a WORD or PDF Text file that consists of previous NPower CBT questions and their respective answers.

The NPower Nigeria Past questions will give you an extra edge to get familiar with the current affairs of the entire States in Nigeria, Maths, use of English and Government.


NPower Deployment and Posting Letter

The NPower Deployment and Posting Letter gives detailed information of your contract with the NPower program.

This ensures proper mobilization and instructions required by candidates who have been shortlisted and drafted into the program.


NASIMS & NPower ID Verification

The National Social Investment Management System, NASIMS got setup to ensure the proper NPower ID verification of more candidates.

NASIMS test portal and ID verification ensures further enrollment into the NPower Nigeria scheme by more candidates as intended by the Buhari administration.


NPower Nigeria Test & Screening

After all candidates must have uploaded their Bio-data on the NPower portal, comes the NPower test & screening exercise.

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As earlier disclosed, the screening ensures proper mobilization and timely screening of applicants and would-be beneficiaries of the NPower platform.


The Future of NPower Nigeria

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria has been on the high for a while and the NPower Nigeria scheme is to reduce the unemployment ratio.

NPower is a platform and initiate bore out of a desire to employ more graduates and school leavers.

The Federal Government might never be able to employ every Nigerian Youth; however, more schemes like NPower will go a very long way in nation building.

We have seen the rise of different programs by the Federal Government to elevate the ratio of  employment and decrease unemployment nationwide.

With the pace of the current NPower scheme, achieving this goals might take more practical time than necessary.

However, with constant expansion of the program to include more Batch and Streams, we might be looking at a platform that is here to stay.



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