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Peace Corps of Nigeria Bill, Jobs & Salary 2021 (Updated)

Peace Corps of Nigeria Recruitment & latest news on PCN Bill at the National Assembly – See Peace Corps Jobs, Salary and Ranking structure.

Nigeria Peace Corps Latest News

peace corps of nigeria

Peace Corps of Nigeria has been saddled with the mandate to Develop; Empower and promote peace in Nigeria.

Understanding how Peace Corps of Nigeria function and their basic features will ensure proper application for peace corps jobs and recruitment.

Peace Corps of Nigeria Bill at the National Assembly (Updates)

Peace Corps of Nigeria Bill is said to be at the House of Representatives and will soon be passed.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration is said to be working in having the Nigeria Peace Corps Bill passed into law.

A bill for an ‘Act to establish the Nigerian Peace Corps’ is currently (at the time of writing) before the House of Representatives.

Information from House Majority Leader, Alhaji Alhassan Doguwa disclosed that the Peace Corps Bill will soon be passed into law.

News About the Peace Corps Of Nigeria Bill

The Peace Corps Establishment Bill is just waiting for the signature of the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari before been passed.

During the reconstitution of the State Commands of the Peace Corps command for Jigawa, Kano and Katsina, that was held in Kano; the Public Relations Officer of the Peace Corps, Mrs Millicent Umoru-Osakwuaoguwa also gave positive confirmation of the Bill.

Is Peace Corps of Nigeria approved?

The Corp is currently a functional organization and once the Bill is passed, will enjoy better scenery just like the Nigerian Police amongst others.

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As a full fleshed youth based organization, the legitimacy of the Peace Corps of Nigeria will ensure full backing and support by the Federal Government and local communities.

Prof. Dickson Akoh, National Commandant of the Peace Corps of Nigeria, recently disclosed that the Corps is currently at the verge of been approved by the House of Representatives.

Functions of Peace Corps of Nigeria

We will try and take a look at the current functions of the Nigerian Peace Corps and their future functions once the Senate Bill is passed.

  • The primary functions of the Peace Corps of Nigeria is to Develop, Empower and provide gainful employment for the Youth.
  • It functions to Facilitate Peace, Community Service, Volunteerism, Neighbourhood watch.
  • PCN trains qualified professionals and non-professional youths and get them linked to the required Nation needs.
  • One of the functions of the Peace Corps is the provision of security for all Educational Institutions, check all forms of examination malpractices, etc.
  • Have the mandate to establish Peace Corps Club in Schools and Colleges.
  • Saddles with the responsibility to Maintain surveillance on students organizing, identify cult members and their associates – unveil their operations to the appropriate authorities.
  • Ensures school authority maintains and help enforce School Rules and Regulations.
  • Occasionally organize Holiday Camps for students, recreational games, and creative work.
  • The Peace Corps of Nigeria organize special conferences, and seminars to equip the Nigerian youths in Leadership Building Mechanism where applicable.
  • Help identify tools, and necessary techniques for critical thinking, and creativity.
  • Assist foreign nations in meeting their needs for training their Youth and promote a better understanding of Nigerians.
  • Members of the Peace Corps of Nigeria act as Orderlies to members of the Executives, Parliament, and Judiciary where applicable. They can also work closely with Traditional Rulers.
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What Buhari said about Peace Corps of Nigeria

Senator Ali Ndume, Chairman, Senate Committee on Army has disclosed what Buhari said about Peace Corps of Nigeria.

Senator Ali reveals that President Muhammadu Buhari is “favourably disposed” to sign the “Peace Corps Establishment Bill” which has is currently before the National Assembly.

He further disclosed that, the earlier refusal of the president to sign the passed by the 8th National Assembly was due to “lack of fund and duplication of functions by security agencies”.

Peace Corps of Nigeria Recruitment & Careers

All applicants for the Peace Corps of Nigeria recruitment exercise are to follow the official portal to apply.

There is opportunity to join the Peace Corps Volunteer Cadre and join over 200,000 members of the Peace Corps.

  • Visit the official Peace Corps of Nigeria portal HERE to REGISTER.
  • Go through the PCN job requirements and volunteer structure
  • Obtain a Registration Form from the National Headquarters or visit any of the State Commands
  • Submit your application and await response for Interview, next stage of the recruitment exercise.

Peace Corps of Nigeria Rank Structure

Below are the Nigerian Peace Corps Ranks and hierarchy.

  • Commandant General (CG)
  • Deputy Commandant General (DCG)
  • Assistant Commandant General (ACG)
  • Commandant (CN)
  • Deputy Commandant (DCN)
  • Assistant Commandant (ACN)
  • Chief Superintendent (CSN)
  • Superintendent (SN)
  • Deputy Seperintendent (DSN)
  • Assistant Superintendent 1 (ASN 1)
  • Assistant Superintendent 2 (ASN 2)
  • inspector 
  • Inspector 2
  • inspector 3
  • Corper Assistant 1 (Corper 1)
  • Corper Assistant 2 (Corper 2)
  • Corper Assistant 3 (CORPER)
  • Private Corper (Private – This is the Lowest rank in the Peace Corp)
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Peace Corps of Nigeria Uniform & Colors

The Nigeria Peace Corps of Nigeria uniform is military brown, a blue cap and a logo that has got an insignia of an open book with a flaming torch surrounded by two olive leaves.

Inclusive is a wreath; green, yellow and red background colour.

Below is the meaning of the Logo – Open book (academic excellence), Wreath (formal superiority), Red flame (Training with no laxity) and Torch (National oneness).

Peace Corps of Nigeria Salary

The peace corp of Nigeria current salary structure is different from the Federal Government salary scale as the organization currently depends on donations from local and international donors.

Once the Bill is passed by the President, the Peace Corps will also have similar salary structure and scale as other Paramilitary agencies in Nigeria.



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