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Rethinking your Career Choices? Here are a few things to note

We live in a world whereby, you need to constantly rethink your career choice for maximum impact in life and destiny; if you must attain the topmost top.

Your career choice as we often disclosed on ‘recruitmentday.ng’ can either launch you into a world of no limits or cripple your advancement in life.

That is when the decision to rethink your career choice comes in.

Must I Rethink my Career Choice?

The question must first be asked and answered by you!

Just as we rethink the names we bear, you need to be able to decide if the career path you choose is the best for you!

How do I know when to rethink a career choice you may ask? Well, when the following forces are properly considered.

  • Am I making progress in this career choice of mine?
  • Do I feel happy doing what I’m currently doing even when I don’t get paid?
  • Can I live off the salary or honorarium been offered by my employers?
  • Do I deserve to earn more and live better?
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You need to be able to answer these questions properly in your own favor!

If not, we believe it’s high time to rethink your career choice.

What works for me?

While you think about your career, you need to know exactly what works for you and if such is available in your current assignment.

Most times, you tend to rethink your career choice due to the unavailability of certain elements in your place of work. Now, what works for you might not necessarily work for me.

We all choose different careers due to different motivations.

So, you will be the only individual that truly knows what works for you.

Why do I need a new career path?

Contrary to some individual’s opinion of going for a greener pasture, it is advisable to rethink the WHY before changing a career.

Now, the decision rest solely on you and you need to tackle this question before a career change.

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Yes, the financial gain could be a factor that could influence your decision to change a career – But, like we always advise most people looking to change career path, it shouldn’t be the only factor to consider.


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