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Survival Fund Registration Form and Application Guide

Survival Fund registration application for the Federal Govt. Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Survival Initiatives Funds Signup.

Survival Fund Registration Guide

survival fund vacancy

Name: Survival Fund “Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)”

Mission: Payroll Support

Founded: 2020

Official Website: www.survivalfund.gov.ng

Registration Deadline: 2021

This is a detailed guide on Survival Fund (Payroll Support) Registration and application for all Nigerian youths who are interested in the initiative.

The Survival Fund initiative is a federal government payroll support for registered businesses in Nigeria to assist in cushioning the effects of Covid-19 on Small and Medium scale businesses.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has set aside 75Billion Naira to further assist business owners, artisans and transport support scheme in Nigeria through the Survival Fund initiative on www.survivalfund.gov.ng.

Survival Fund Application Requirements

Here are some of the known requirements for Survival Fund Registration.

  • Ownership – The business must be an indigenous company (Nigerian-owned)
  • Legal Registration – The said business must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to qualify
  • BVN Number – All qualified applicants must have a valid BVN
  • Staff Strength – You must have a minimum(corrected) Maximum of 10 staffs on your payroll to qualify
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How to Apply for Survival Fund?

Herewith are some simple guide on how to apply for Survival Fund registration procedures.

  • STEP 1: Visit the official Survival Fund portal here 
  • STEP 2: Go through the available process and read their requirements.
  • STEP 3: Submit all relevant document as applicable

Survival Fund Application Support Time Table

Below is the updated Survival Fund Registration support timetable.

This timetable covers the Educational industry (Private Schools), Hospitality, and General Sector.

  1. Monday’s (10:00am) – Education (Private Schools)
  2. Friday’s (10:00am) – Hospitality
  3. Monday’s (12:00pm) – General (All Sectors)

Survival Fund Shortlisted Candidates 

You will be contacted via email/SMS/Online publication for the Survival Fund Shortlisted Candidate update.

On no account should you send funds to anyone for inclusion or shortlistment.

All Survival Fund Shortlisted Candidates should deal directly with the agency as at when due and as stipulated.

Updated: The Federal Government has disclosed that “30 states are currently eligible for the Survival Fund registration”.

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Also, all individuals that are yet to register have between now to complete their application.

It is therefore expedient that Candidates working on their staff Payroll should add details of their respective workers.

It is also interesting to note that, the Survival Fund programme is not limited to region but every individual in Nigeria.

Ongoing Federal Vacancies 


  1. I have completed my registration and it is successful and I was advised to download my certificate and it’s not downloading what should I do next. And should I include my staffs details.

  2. My company is verified, 5 of my staff are verified but 5 are not verified.. it is showing incorrect. I noticed, their DOB and bank details were not filled correctly. What can I do?

  3. I actually completed the registration and it was successful but since then I have not received any information from them.

    Please what do I do?

  4. Please I need your clarification.

    My BVN status reads No check. also, my bank account status is Incorrect.

    Please can you help give clarification.

  5. I made a mistake in filling the headquarters of my organisation as Abuja instead of Ogun, how do I rectify it, because I can see that section is not open for editing and every other details and address is in Ogun. I thought it was asking for the headquarters of CAC, I hope this won’t affect my application negatively.

  6. Thanks baba buhari thanks federal government thanks survival fund we are waiting for the fourth payment and you are only varied 2employees I want to edit my frofile pls help me out

  7. Good evening, i can’t login in to my account again to upload my staff pay advice i was asked to re upload and also to correct one of the staff BVN and Account Number, help

  8. As of this day 28 /10/2020. I discovered that the Bvn given for my business was given wrongly by the business center I submitted my forms to be filled.. please what other ways can I be able to make the correction… thanks

  9. Pls I am not getting this whole thing (fund)
    Pls must everyone be an employer,is the fund meant for only employer
    My guestion now is, who is the general grant meant for ?.what about those who are just starting business?what is govt plan for them?
    Lastly,is the survival fund ended.Be honest pls thanks
    Rita lagos

  10. Good day, after filling the organisation section of the survival fund application, it not adding my organisation, keep on telling me no registered organisation even after filling the CAC number

  11. I’ll like to point out a correction on this article on the FG COVID-19 survival fund grant. The article mentions that a prospective applicant for the survival fund, under the MSME payroll support group had to have at least 10 employees to qualify, however, this is not correct as the FG’s actual requirement regarding that is to have no more than 10 employees.
    For reference purposes, I copied the sentence from the survivalfundapplication.com site. (verified)


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