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Telecom Jobs in Nigeria & How to Apply 2021

Telecom Jobs in Nigeria covers all available vacancies and recruitment from the Telecommunication industry, Networks and Data centre Job and how to apply.

Telecom Jobs in Nigeria

The telecommunication industry in Nigeria is a vast industry.

Telecom jobs in Nigeria has also taken an upward soar since the introduction of great telecom giants like MTN, Glo, etc.

This is the ultimate guide to Telecom jobs in Nigeria as we will be unveiling all the telecommunications in Nigeria and their available careers.

Here is a job guide to all Telecom jobs in Nigeria for MTN, Airtel, Glo, etc, and how to apply.

Telecom Industry in Nigeria

The telecommunication industry in Nigeria is a multi-billion naira industry that constantly recruits new and smart minds.

Before mobile phone or landline in Nigeria, we have seen a grand slide from what it used to be and what is currently.

Due to the advancement and the ever-growing industry of the Telecom Jobs in Nigeria, it has greatly contributed to Nigeria’s GDP.

The GSM revolution in Nigeria has created an avenue for four different jobs for the Nigerian labor market.

MTN Nigeria

MTN stands for Mobile Telephone Network. It is a South African Telecom firm that stormed Nigeria with a great marketing strategy.

MTN jobs are currently being craved for by many Nigerians because of the renovation that it comes with.

MTN is a major player in the Telecom Revolution currently happening in Africa especially Nigeria.

MTN Portal – www.mtnonline.com

Our Prediction on MTN:

The majority of the telecommunication market share is dominated by MTN as at the time of filing this guide.

The numbers also showcase the possibility of a guitar player for MTN.

Though there has been lingering doubt about their Modus Operandi in Nigeria especially with the constant tussle happening in South Africa.

We don’t think this should have any negative impact on the way MTN operates in Nigeria or its recruitment exercise.

Globacom Nigeria

GLO as it is fondly called is a Nigerian indigenous Telecom company.

Founded by Mike Adenuga, Glo is a huge player in the telecommunication market in Nigeria.

Glo has popularly tagged the grandmaster of data and this is due to their cheap yet very fast internet speed.

Getting Glo telecom jobs is also widely sought by many Nigerians.

Glo Portal – www.gloworld.com

Our Prediction on GLO:

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As indigenous telecommunication and the second largest network provider in Nigeria, it is surely safe to build a career around GLO.

Over the years, Glo has strengthened its data connection and workforce which makes it keep amassing subscribers on a daily basis.

Glo has good leadership which makes it a great company to work with.

Airtel Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria seems to be the third major player in the Telecom business in Nigeria.

Airtel took the Nigerian Telecom market by storm giving uses daily loads of bonuses.

Getting a Job with Airtel is lucrative and prestigious as a major player in the Nigerian Telecom industry.

Airtel Portal – www.airtel.com.ng

Our Prediction on Airtel:

If you talk about an organization that keeps bouncing back every time it hit the bedrock, then Airtel comes to mind.

Airtel always keeps up with the Revolution in the telecommunication industry and over the years; even with the change of leadership, Airtel keeps soaring high.

This makes working with airtel rejoice for anyone looking to build a career here.


9Mobile from the look of things has come to stay.

9mobile took over the Telecom industry in Nigeria with advanced technology and expertise.

Their constant advertisement and promotion mix; makes them a go-to Telecom firm for most of the youth.

9mobile telecom jobs is for individuals who will have to stand at the forefront of innovation in the telecommunication aspect in Nigeria.

9Mobile Portal – www.9mobile.com.ng

Our Prediction on 9Mobile:

9mobile have experience different leadership and managerial upgrade.

Their activities however seem premium to many users.

As of the last time we checked, 9mobile was experiencing an upward success which can to a great extent lead to job security for its employees.


NTEL is an internet service provider in Nigeria that offers 4G LTE and they boast of affordable internet connection for subscribers.

NTEL internet speed clocks 30mp per second which makes it an easier choice for many internet subscribers.

NTEL Telecom jobs app for individuals who will like to be a part of the Revolution in the internet save from NTEL.

Ntel Portal – www.ntel.com.ng

Our Prediction on NTEL:

If you eventually get a job with NTEL, we believe you can start a career building there.

Make sure however to understand their payment structure and other packages.


MainOne does not just focus on the Nigerian telecommunications industry but Africa as a whole.

MainOne is a leading submarine cable from Portugal that supplies Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and have spread their tentacles to other African Nations.

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MainOne Telecom jobs it’s for versatile individuals who are ready to take up the responsibility to not just serve Nigeria but Africa and the world at large.

MainOne does not just provide internet access but broadband setups and connectivities, SME setups, and many more across Africa.

MainOne Portal – www.mainone.net

Our Prediction on MainOne:

Since its introduction into the Nigerian telecommunication market, MainOne have seen some positive embrace.

Coupled with the fact that they do not only cater for the Nigerian market, we are not sure if an inter-country transfer might be possible amongst workers.


Smile Nigeria offers steady and affordable internet connections using modems and MiFi

Smile Nigeria, unlike other Telecom providers, offers specific phones and devices data plans and grades.

Smile Telecom jobs are for seasoned Nigerians who will love to be a part of the internet mobility that smile offers.

Working with smile Nigeria is lucrative and as such a great avenue to boost your telecommunication CV.

Smile Portal – www.smile.com.ng

Our Prediction on Smile Nigeria:

for an organization that is still building, they have recorded future success over the years.

They currently have some smart brains amongst their staff and always upgrading.

Working for Smile Network could be an interesting start to your telecommunication employment ladder.

Swift Network

Swift Network over the years has come to be a great choice for many internet users in Nigeria.

Why many vials for the swift network if due to their numerous advantages which include data rollover, unlimited data plans amongst other benefits.

Getting a Swift Telecom jobs, you must be sure to align with their Telecom advancements I’m interested in keeping up with the pace at which they grow.

Swift Portal – www.swiftng.com

Our Prediction on SWIFT:

Swift coverage is currently strong in Lagos, Portharcourt, Abuja and they’ve been adding more states as time unfolds.

Due to its location and coverage, the original setup of work might be in place. This can be a major advantage if you reside in these coverage areas.


Spectranet is a leading telecommunication company in Nigeria as we have seen many top organizations and companies using Spectranet.

most organizations that deal in high data usage and require high-speed network often a goal for Spectranet.

Spectranet mounds there an internet connection in your organization and the same is connected to the desired number of computers as required.

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Getting a Spectranet Telecom job it’s for individuals that have the vision to grow their mindset and their curriculum vitae in one of the leading telecommunication companies in Nigeria.

Spectranet Portal – www.spectranet.com.ng

Our Prediction on Spectranet:

When it comes to 4G LTE, Spectranet is a major player.

Getting employment here might open you up to a new world of possibilities.

Trending Telecom Jobs in Nigeria

  • Specialist, Business Intelligence at 9mobile Nigeria
  • Specialist, Customer Value Management at 9mobile Nigeria
  • Enterprise Sales Executive (Internet Service Provider) at Willers Solutions Limited
  • Project Management Analyst at MainOne Cable Nigeria
  • Account Manager at Netcom Africa Limited
  • B2B Sales Executive at Passage Telecommunication Nigeria Limited
  • Health and Safety Officer at Fountline Telecommunications
  • Senior Auditor, Network Audit at MTN Nigeria
  • Training School Business Developer at Carlcare Services
  • Manager, Network Audit at MTN Nigeria
  • Senior Auditor, Financial Audit at MTN Nigeria
  • Manager, Broadband Systems Planning at MTN Nigeria
  • Senior Manager, ITSSC Transformation Lead / Project Manager at IHS Towers
  • Principal Solution Architect at Ericsson Nigeria
  • Customer Care Representative at Airtel Nigeria 
  • Finance Manager at Omnicom Solutions Limited
  • Customer Care Representative at Wifiber Broadband
  • Driver at Merit Telecoms Nigeria Limited
  • Manager – Enterprise Service Delivery (Technical) at 9mobile
  • Senior Engineer, Optimization at 9mobile Nigeria

Telecommunications Vacancy Requirements

All of the jobs listed above can be applied for by any discipline.

However, the below-listed discipline or field of study will ensure maximum compatibility with Telecom jobs and recruitment exercises.

  • IT/Telecommunications
  • Mass Communication
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Programming
  • Networking
  • Signal Transmission
  • Digital Microprocessor
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • History & International Relations

The above-listed field of study however will be dependent on the exact position you are applying for and with which organization.

How to Apply for Telecom Jobs?

For easier access, we have made provision for all the telecommunication portals listed above.

  • Select any of the desired Telecommunications vacancies you apply for
  • Go through the requirements and terms
  • Apply by submitting your resume

Now when you click on any of that portal, it automatically takes you to the designated page where we have listed all the available positions and how to apply.

This gives us more room to go deeper in unveiling all the basic requirements needed in applying for any of the above-listed jobs.